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Dairy Farmers of America and Chocco, Inc strike agreement to partner in producing a shelf-stable version of iconic beverage Choc-Ola®

Springfield, MO / May 17, 2012 / Dairy Farmers of America

Dairy Farmers of America to co-pack 12 oz shelf-stable cans of Choc-Ola® chocolate drink.

Springfield, Missouri-based Dairy Farmers of America and Chocco, Inc partner to produce Choc-Ola® in shelf-stable 12 oz cans. The shelf-stable 12 oz can will not require refrigeration and has an anticipated shelf-life of up to 2 years.

Choc-Ola® was manufactured in 9.5 oz cans back in the late 70's at the height of its popularity, so it seemed natural to revive the old-style nostalgic can. The fact that it is shelf-stable makes it easy to transport and store, as well as facilitate the ability for it to be sold and dispensed from vending machines.

The 12 oz cans can be purchased at the Rock Cola Cafe in Indianapolis, IN as well as certain retail outlets throughout the Indianapolis area. As additional retail outlets become available, periodic announcements will be made on the company website.

Further information on Choc-Ola® may be found by visiting:

Dairy Farmers of America is a milk co-op which produces nearly one-third of the nation's milk.

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