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NEW STUDY: Drink chocolate milk. McMaster University researchers compared the effects of downing low-fat chocolate milk, fat-free soy protein drink,

and a traditional carbohydrate recovery drink after exercise. Not only did the milk drinkers gain more muscle than those who drank the soy and

carbohydrate beverages, but they also lost twice as much fat.

"...milk's ability to aid in muscle growth and also promote body fat loss [makes it] the ideal post-workout drink for recreational exercisers and athletes alike."

Stuart Philips, Metabolism Researcher / McMaster University

By popular demand, the long-lost chocolate drink Choc-Ola® is finally being brought back to the marketplace. Perhaps one of the best chocolate beverages of all time, Choc-Ola® is made with real milk and therefore has significant nutritional content as a bonus.

Our History

Dairy Farmers of America

Press Release


DFA to co-pack Choc-Ola® beginning May 17, 2012 at their Cabool, MO more

Official Pacers Partner!

Press Release

Choc-Ola® partners with the Indiana Pacers to offer Choc-Ola® at Banker's Life Fieldhouse at all fieldhouse events including Pacers games.

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Nutrition Facts

Choc-Ola Nutrition

Choc-Ola® is not just's good FOR you. Most carbonated beverages have no significant nutritional value. Choc-Ola® is different - and it contains REAL MILK!

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