Memories Fueled by Cow Power

Let’s travel back in time, shall we? Many of us remember Choc-Ola and have fond memories of drinking it after school or on hot summer days. We probably still share those stories to this day. Your stories are what make Choc-Ola timeless. So, if you have a favorite memory you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! Scroll down to read submissions.


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Miss Choc-Ola

Choc-Ola Chronicles: Community Stories

In the early to mid-60s, my dad would take me to the barber shop to get us our flat-top haircuts. After we were done, a pop machine was outside the barber shop that included Choc-Ola. I looked so forward to that bottle of chocolate; I would drink it all at once, and sometimes I would be treated to two bottles. I have never tasted a better drink and can’t wait for its return.

Ron W. Greenfield, Indiana.

Choc-Ola was a fond memory of my whole life. Mike’s Midway Market on Indy’s southside sold Choc-Ola out of vending machine. My buddy Robert (gone too soon) would ride our bikes there and buy Choc-Ola. I can even remember driving by the old Choc-Ola plant on Churchman Avenue.

Bart A, Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi, I have a farm market in Kentucky. I drank Choc-Ola when I was a kid from our local country store in a place called Nonesuch, KY. My mom and I talk about it regularly and how we used to go to the store just for that treat. I now manage a country farm store and orchard near that old country store. We would love to consider carrying Choc-Ola. Can you please give me more details?

Megan F. Versailles, Kentucky

I LOVED Choc-Ola as a kid!! They used to sell it in the little carry-out my family always went to!! Please bring it back to somewhere local!! I’d love to have it again!! In the bottles like it used to come. So much better than. Yoo-Hoo!!

Christina H. Peebles, Ohio

My dad and I used to grab a Choc-Ola on the way to “work” when I was around 4 or 5 years old. He always talks about how he misses it. I would like to know, once it gets on sale, where I can get it. I’d love to be able to bring him some while actually on my way to work, 3 decades later. Please contact me at the email listed with ANY location that has it, once it is available.

John B. Lafayette, Indiana

I LOVED Choc-Ola as a kid. I was born in 1963 (58). I would love to share this experience with my sons (40, 37, and 35) and grandsons (18, 15, 10, 9, and 8). I live in Ohio. How can I purchase this wonderful chocolate beverage?

Mary F. Greenfield, Ohio

Growing up in Effingham, Illinois, in the mid 70’s was a great experience. I remember my friends and I would collect bottles for the deposit money and drive our bikes on a hot summer day while pulling a wagon full of bottles and dragging them to what I thought was Brown’s Pharmacy. They had a cold beverage machine just outside where we would spend every dine of our bottle deposit money and buy as much cold Choc-Ola as possible. The sweet, delicious drink was so satisfying. I can still remember it sloshing around in our bellies as we peddled our bikes back home. Please bring Choc-Ola back.

Jeff, John, Rick & Butch. Effingham, Illinois

When I was a very young child my sister would have to take me to cheerleading practices with her because our single mother was working. I remember the gymnasium they practiced in having a vending machine that had Choc-Ola in it. I would love to have that taste and the awesome childhood memories come flooding back. I am so excited to hear about the return of this product.

Bryan K. Evansville, Indiana

One of my best memories: As a small child, back in the 70s, my favorite afternoon cartoon show was Cowboy Bob and Friends on our local Indianapolis channel 4 (WTTV). Bob had a running competition encouraging kids to draw something pertaining to Choc-Ola. He would choose a picture to feature on the show, and that child would win a 6-pack. Around age 7, I sat at our kitchen table and drew the huge cow head with the words, “Choc-Ola is Moovelous!”. Mom said we should mail it in, and I forgot. Lo and behold, as I was watching one afternoon, he showed my picture! I cannot tell you how excited Mom and I were. Needless to say, our households have always been fans…why I’m here, to find out where you can now buy it again! 🙂

Laura B. Lebanon, Indiana

As a young boy in the mid to late 70s, some of my cousins and I would take bottles to Culbreath’s store to get deposit money after school. We would exchange our deposit money for candy and/or drinks. I would always pass up Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RC, and others to get my hands on the One and Only Choc-Ola! I would get some extra Choc-Ola for Saturdays. It had a fantastic taste and was in a class of its own. Many Saturdays, I would have a chocolate-flavored peanut butter sandwich called Koogle with my Choc-Ola while watching Shazam! I miss Choc-Ola so much! Would love to see it back in stores in my area again. Please bring Choc-Ola back.

Ricky P. Portland, Tennessee