Share your Choc-Ola Story

If you lived in Indiana, Ohio, Southern Illinois, Kentucky or Southern Michigan in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, you probably have a fond memory of Choc-Ola. Tell us your Choc-Ola memory and you might win a Cool Choc-Ola T-Shirt.


Bryan K. (Evansville IN)

When I was a very young child my sister would have to take me to cheerleading practices with her because our single mother was working. I remember the gymnasium they practiced in having a vending machine that had Choc-Ola in it. I would love to have that taste and the awesome childhood memories come flooding back. I am so excited to hear about the return of this product.


Joe B. (Lafayette IN)

My dad and I used to grab a Choc-Ola on the way to “work” when I was around 4 or 5 years old. He always talks about how he misses it. I would like to know, once it gets on sale, where I can get it. I’d love to be able to bring him some while actually on my way to work, 3 decades later. Please contact me at the email listed with ANY location that has it, once it is available.


Nathan W. (Columbus OH)

My father has always spoken of drinking this as a kid so I want to try it and get him some.


Kerry B. (Brandenburg KY)

My family and I would drink this when I was little. It was a treat for my brother and I when we we’re being good. Would love to have another can or two!