Product Information

The unique style of Choc-Ola began in 1944 and we are sticking the same premium ingredients and production methods as close to the original as the production laws will allow.

The flavors include Original Chocolate, Orangesicle and Strawberry & Cream.

Each case consists of 24 bottles configured with 4/6packs in 8 oz. bottles.

Only 120 calories per bottle.

Choc-Ola uses only natural flavors.

Choc-Ola does not use artificial sweeteners.

Choc-Ola uses “Real” milk, not powdered milk.

Choc-Ola has a six-month shelf-life.

Choc-Ola is shelf-stable, so you do not have to chill until ready to drink.

You need to refrigerate after opening.