In a world where memories of timeless products and brands quietly anchor themselves in our hearts, Choc-Ola stands out as a beacon of nostalgia. For those who remember the warm, comforting taste of liquid chocolate during the post-war years or even the bustling sixties and seventies when Choc-Ola was a household name, the news of its revival is not just a long-awaited economic story but an emotional one. After exchanging ownership hands throughout the years, Choc-Ola is set to make a big return under new ownership and new production, led by Dave Hunter and Prevail Beverage Holdings, LLC.

The Tale of Choc-Ola’s Past

First, a flashback – for many of us, the mere mention of Choc-Ola conjures up images of 50s-style diners, soda fountains, and a simpler time. Choc-Ola was the ‘it’ drink for chocolate enthusiasts, a silky-smooth beverage that tided over every craving. It boasted loyal followers not just across the Midwest but across the United States. People enjoyed Choc-Ola on their lunch breaks, with their afternoon activities, and with their favorite diner dishes. Choc-Ola wasn’t just a chocolate milk drink – It was a gateway for memories.

Choc-Ola: A Nostalgic Beacon

The unique legacy of Choc-Ola – of being a fixture in so many lives during the glory days – is its selling point. The brand’s resurrection promises to rekindle those memories and give a new generation the chance to savor the same nostalgia.

So, how is Choc-Ola making its comeback? The return is a strategic mix of honoring tradition while adapting to modern tastes. We’re using the original recipe, which means the beverage is crafted to taste just how you remember it, providing you with that authentic experience that’s sure to awaken long-forgotten tastebuds. Along with reviving the production, we’re also reviving our look with a more modern, sleek, nostalgic twist.

While you may have remembered it as something you drank from a glass bottle, today’s Choc-Ola will come in 12-ounce plastic bottles that are durable and better for transport. They’re also more ideal for school lunches and youth activities.

Staying True to Our Roots

Our revival of Choc-Ola’s is not a mere rebranding; it’s a celebration of its heritage. The core values that endeared it to the masses – quality, flavor, and simplicity – are being meticulously reproduced. We’re using real milk from cows in upstate New York, producing and bottling the drink in Buffalo, NY, and then distributing it out from its hometown of Indianapolis, IN.

Experience the (NEW) Cow Power!

Choc-Ola will soon be coming to a store near you! Can’t find it in stores? Order your 6-packs or 12-bottle cases directly from our website. We don’t believe in gatekeeping this delicious, good-for-you drink. Experience the Cow Power today!