The Original Chocolate Beverage Since 1944

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The World-Famous Choc-Ola!

(And No, It’s Not a Soda)

Back in 1944, a guy named Harry Normington, Sr. decided kids needed something better to drink. So, he set out to make a shelf-stable chocolate milk that didn’t require refrigeration. All you had to do was shake it and drink it. And he did it all right here in Indianapolis, IN.

Boy, did it take off!

Not only was Choc-Ola selling nearly two million cases a year between 1944 and 1977, but families were making memories! You could find Choc-Ola in nearly every gas station, convenience store, and grocery store across the Midwest. We dare you to ask your grandparents and parents if they remember Choc-Ola and watch all their childhood come flooding back. Choc-Ola doesn’t just bring back memories; it brings back a time when things were simple and life wasn’t so complicated. Now, your grandparents’ (and even parents’) favorite chocolate milk is coming back to store shelves, where we hope it won’t just spark old memories, but encourage us all to make new ones.

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Unleash your Cow Power™ with Choc-Ola!

Since 1944 Choc-Ola’s unique style of chocolate milk has delighted people of all ages. Unlike most simple chocolate milk options, Choc-Ola is much lighter in style and perfect any time of the day or night when you need a burst of flavor and energy.

  • Made With Real Milk from Real USA Cows
  • Store It On the Shelf for One Year
  • Contains 6 Grams of Protein &
  • Perfect for Lunch Bags or After-School Activities
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Customer Stories

A collection of cherished memories from those who experienced the joy of Choc-Ola in its heyday and the stories passed down through generations. Each narrative is a testament to the enduring legacy and impact of our beloved product, painting a vivid picture of the moments that made Choc-Ola a timeless treasure.

My dad and I used to grab a Choc-Ola on the way to “work” when I was around 4 or 5 years old. He always talks about how he misses it. I would like to know, once it gets on sale, where I can get it. I’d love to be able to bring him some while actually on my way to work, 3 decades later. Please contact me at the email listed with ANY location that has it, once it is available.
Joe B. (Lafayette IN)

When I was a very young child my sister would have to take me to cheerleading practices with her because our single mother was working. I remember the gymnasium they practiced in having a vending machine that had Choc-Ola in it. I would love to have that taste and the awesome childhood memories come flooding back. I am so excited to hear about the return of this product.

Bryan K. (Evansville IN)
My family and I would drink this when I was little. It was a treat for my brother and I when we we’re being good. Would love to have another can or two!
Kerry B. (Brandenburg KY)
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Unleash The Mixer In You!

From smooth Choco-Tinis and spirited Choco-Shots to rich bourbon blends, elevate your gatherings with these irresistibly indulgent concoctions. Dive into a world of flavor where chocolate meets cocktail in perfect harmony.

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